Betting-Horse Racing

I am tired of people telling me about "favourites" in a race. If indeed there were favourites, why do they not win. Thankfully, there is a way to identify losers. Click Here to know how.

Horse Racing if taken as the sports in the right spirit is fun. If we wish to play this sport as gambling, we need to know about the game plans and the rules of the same. While gambling online, first of all you need to register with one of the sites, make a deposit and the losses and winnings are debited and credited from your account.

Have you wondered that how some people never lose and win almost every bet that they make. They use horse race betting strategy i.e., statistical approach. Learning a statistical approach to horse gambling is the key to success.  

If you are about to put bet on the horse racing, the following basic points should be taken care of:

1. You should study the full personal, medical and winning history and familiarize yourself with the horse on which you are about to bet.

2. Study of the winnings of the different horses and to know the reason for the failures too.

3. Observe all the horses before you put the bets on any one of them.

4. Like in Cricket pitch plays the important part, so does in the horse racing, track is very important.

5. Horse's behaviour should be noticed minutely.

6. Healthy horse has more chances of winning.

7. Past record of the horse and the jockey should be considered.

8. Don't bet on the odds, as odds have less chance of winning.

9. Assess the records of all the horses participating in the race.

10. Bet on the horse, as per your gut feelings.

Racing Horses are of three categories, one who are always first and are front runners, second one are the ones who are close chasers and can win in the end and the third one is the bright one, i.e., they like sun are bright in the beginning but they fade out after sometime, they are known as morning glories.

Betting on Horse Racing is habit forming, one should only gamble if one can afford to do so and not on the expense of others.

If you do want to bet, develop a system of identifying a loser. Click here to know how.