Guide to Betting Horse Racing

If indeed there are favourites in each race, why do they not win. Thankfully, there is a way to identify losers. Click Here to know how.

One of the most exciting and intoxicating game is the Horse Racing. Horse Racing has always been sports of kings, but nowadays we see common people also betting on this. As it does not take a treasure to play and win money at it.

As we all are aware, winning a bet is synonymous to win the race, it is only when horse on whom you have bet comes first. Horse placing is also one type of betting, winning the stakes on the basis of the horse coming in a particular placing. But we do have to admit it that betting on horses are full of risk, to make this risk free only thing you need to do is to put right amount of money at the right prices so no matter which horse wins the race, you get the profit. There are software and calculators available to do this.

Betting on the horse coming in the first three position is show, though it pays very poorly but is the safest bet. In Pick 3 type of betting, you have pick the winners of 3 consecutive races, same hold for Pick 6, wherein you have to pick 6 consecutive races.

In Daily Double, we pick the winners of two consecutive races and win daily double ticket. Quinella, wherein you select two horses who you think will come first or second, this is done when you are not very sure of the winner. In Exacta betting, you bet a 3-6 Exacta, 3 horse must win the 6 horse must places, in this type order matters the most and hence it pays more than Quinella. In Trifecta, you are betting the first three horses to finish in order.

If you are serious about horse betting, develop a system of identifying a loser. Click here to know how.