Horse Racing

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One of the most attractive betting game is horse racing. The most common event in horse racing is betting. If you are participating in this exciting sports or gambling for the first time, there are some points which are to be noted. Some things are so obvious that even layman knows about it, like if you bet on the particular horse and if the horse comes first then you win.

The main thing about horse racing is the fast results, we do not have to wait for the results for long hours. In a single day, there can be many races.

In a horse racing two or more horses run. The field on which the race takes places varies. The horse which comes first always win. Horse coming second and third too win but their stakes are lower.

There are various types of bets, the first is the most common one, i.e., betting on the horse coming first, second or third place.

Other unusual types of bets are the ones where you can pick the positions. You can just bet on the horse coming 3rd or 6th. There are also other types of wagers, which are called 'exotics'. One example of an exotic wager is a Trifecta. In Trifecta wager you win if three horses finish in the exact listed order. There is also another type if betting which is Reverse forecast, in this bet is placed on two horses finishing in first or second or either order.

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