Horse Racing Basics

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One of the most popular sport for thousands of years is Horse Racing. Horse Racing was the part of Greek Olympics as far back as 638 BC.

When we talk about the horse, the first thing comes to our mind is Arab and Turk's. The ancestors of the most famous breed of horse, thoroughbred were bred in Europe were sires of Arab and Turks. Thoroughbred are well known for their capacity to carry heavy weights and can gallop for long distances, hence are the favourite horse for racing tracks.

Quarter horse is another breed which are used in races and also for crossbred with thoroughbred to improve the capabilities. The characteristics of Quarter horse are heavy muscling, sprinter's speed, versatility, keen cow sense and a gentle nature.

How can we continue with this without talking about Seabiscuit (May 23, 1933óMay 17, 1947) was a champion thoroughbred race horse in the United States. From an inauspicious start, Seabiscuit became an unlikely champion and a symbol of hope to many Americans during the Great Depression.

Horse racing is an sport which has been practiced over the centuries; the chariot races of Roman times are an early example. It is often inextricably associated with gambling. The common nickname for horse racing is The Sport of Kings. The excitement of the game and the huge revenue that it gains attracts bettors in huge numbers.

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