Why Asia Loves the Premier League

Asia loves the Premiere League; in fact, there are more fans of English football in Asia than there are in the United Kingdom. They are so popular, people not only camp overnight for tickets to games but also for a quick glimpse of the teams at the airport or for sponsored appearances. The different cities of Asia also seem to have loyalty to certain teams. Jakarta supports Liverpool, Bangkok roots for Manchester and don't mess with the Chelsea fans of Kuala Lumpur. The question is however, why does Asia love the Premier League with such a passion? Amongst several reason, one of them might be gambling, illegal gambling on the outcome of games, Indonesians aswell as Vietnamese and the rest all love to gamble and this website helps them.

The Premier League is Well-known

There are fans of the Premier League all over the world. Certainly, bars and pubs in North and South America tune into the big games, so it is no surprise that the Asians do too. The league also employs some great marketing to make sure their brand is well-known and the players themselves have a large television presence that gives them global appeal.

It Was First

British soccer/football was the first European soccer to be televised into the countries of Asia. Football has been aired in England since the late thirties, with broadcasts making their way to Asia in spurts for decades. When the Premier League came around in 1992, the people of Asia were as excited as the Brits to watch these slick football teams strut their stuff on air. Both the BBC and ITV were paramount in brining Premier League football to the East.

It is Good for Business

The relationship between the Premier League and the Asian people is mutually beneficial. Due to the extremely high fan base of the teams in Asia, it a tremendous opportunity to sell team-related clothing, souvenirs and other merchandise. Most of these items are manufactured in Asia as well, so although the Brits get the profits, the Asians get the jobs. A fair trade in any economy.

European football is arguably the most watched sport in the world, and the Premier League tops the charts with its loyal fans and colourful players. It is no wonder fans around the world, especially Asian nations are tuning into the games and staying loyal to their teams.